Before Abacus my son was very silent, shy, and had low self-esteem when it came to doing maths and other subjects. My son is autistic and he’s very particular in how he works and how he wants his work presented. I remember the trial class and I told Harpreet, my son is special needs he needs a lot of work and he replied back , he’ll be fine. That was relief to my ears. I was told don’t worry, let us see what we can do to help. On his first day during trial class my son was calculating numbers when called out on a abacus. He’s never touched an abacus in his life but that few minutes he spent in that class room, he was calculating. I was amazed ever since that day my son has been attending twice a week, and each week he’s progressing, each month I get sent progress reports, and to top it off my son is top of his class and best student. I’ve spent years trying to find something to help my son and that would fit our budget. Abacus ticked all the boxes for us. I’ve never looked back since. Thank you SIP Abacus.