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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for make-up sessions

1 free online make-up session per month in case of absence. Additional on-line makeup sessions chargeable at $5 per class.


Terms and Conditions for $2,000 cash back

SIP Academy promises that children completing Foundation Level 4 of the SIP Abacus and Brain Gym Programme will be able to do Arithmetic calculations 5 times faster and accurately. The same will be proven by getting the child to do an assessment before starting with the SIP Abacus Programme and compared with another similar assessment after completion of Foundation Level 4. In case, we are not able to show minimum 5 times improvement in your child, we would refund the sum of NZD.2,000/-. SIP Abacus is the first Abacus programme in the world to give an objective quality promise and a Money back guarantee.

Parents Support & Responsibility

SIP Abacus through its authorized Licensee proposes the following Terms and Conditions for the Parents admitting their children under the SIP Abacus Promise.

The Parent / Guardian understands that,

1. This SIP Abacus Promise is only for children, who have not done any other abacus or Brain development programme. Hence the parent confirms that their child has not attended any other abacus or Brain development programme classes.
2.The SIP Abacus Promise is for children aged 5 to 12 years. Age will be calculated as on the day of enrolment of the child. Older children enrolled in the programme will not be eligible for the refund.
3. SIP Abacus Promise, for the refund of NZD.2,000/-, stands null and void incase the below mentioned conditions are not adhered to:
a) Regular attendance – the child needs to attend all sessions, else compensate for the sessions missed. Only 1 class in a 3 month period without compensation will be allowed.
b) Child is eligible for only one compensation class per month.
c) The Franchisee can organise additional classes for the child if the child is not performing upto the standards and this will not exceed 3 classes in a quarter.
d) Child can take an informed break between levels. The duration of the break should not be more than 2 weeks.
e)Time limit to ask for refund – within 2 weeks of Foundation Level 4 completion.
f) The child cannot continue in the Advanced Level, if the SIP Abacus Promise refund is claimed at the end of the Foundation Levels.
4. The parent needs to witness and sign the pre and post assessment sheets.