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How The
Programme Works

These are some of the highlights of the SIP Abacus programme:

Sip Abacus Girl

Programme Guarantee

In fact, we are so confident in our programme and committed to your child’s success that we offer a guarantee.

SIP Abacus Girl with Book

You get a $2,000
Cash Back

***Each class costs only $25

3 Simple Steps To Academic Success

It’s easy to get started with SIP Abacus. Simply follow the steps below.


Nimita Dutt Manurewa
My son was 5 when we started SIP. In the past we have tried other programs but they weren't as stimulating as SIP has been so far. It's fantastic to see my child tell me about how much fun he had in his classes after each session and what he has learnt. I even find him applying brain gym techniques to everyday life, this is proof that even he has noticed the positive developments he has undergone. I highly recommend SIP Abacus to all parents as it offer you a less traditional methods of learning that is fun, interactive and did I mention FUN!!!
Nimita Dutt (Manurewa)
Aigaeiva Kapeteni
I find that SIP Abacus helps my children in Maths. Maths was a no no for my kids and was annoying them causing them to pull out from learning. They didn’t want to go to school. I have enrolled all my 3 children aged 11, 10 and 8 at SIP Abacus. In the recent meeting with teachers at school, they mentioned that my children are now amongst the best 2 children in each of their classes in Maths. Maths is now their favourite subject. They are also motivated to go to school now as Maths is no longer a hassle to them.
Aigaeiva Kapeteni (Manurewa)
It's really good I am glad to find SIP Abacus. It's really supportive. My son was in year one but with the math he is now really good. He has also learnt the discipline too. He loves numbers now. And the best thing is Classes are not boring. Kids learn and have fun too. Competitions make them more confident. So at the end I can say only one thing... thank you soo much.
Nisha Sharma (Manurewa)
Arti Gounder Papakura
My 6 year old girl joined SIP Abacus in July 2021. After joining she started to enjoy and learn new mathematics skills and was happy to attend the classes. Her teacher Miss Nadia is always welcoming and helpful. The team always supportive and marvelous. Even during the COVID pandemic with the classes online, the SIP instructors and team always supported and helped students and parents. If a child misses the class, they arrange a make up class and while in class fun activities help keep kids active so they focus promptly. My daughter is enjoying the classes and it has given her more understanding on how to do addition and subtraction quickly. I suggests kids who are going to join will definitely benefit from this programme.
Arti Gounder (Papakura)
Nippon Tonga North Shore
SIP ABACUS is helpful for my daughter's math this year. My daughter can do mental math faster. Online learning is very great. She is very confident now to do any online classes also asks questions if not clear to the teacher. My daughter is looking forward to continuing with SIP ABACUS next year. Hope every one is having a Happy Merry Christmas.
Nippon Tonga (North Shore)
Sunette Botha Hamilton
We are a homeschool family and we just love SIP Abacus!! We use it for "extras" as my son like challenges. My son has been attending SIP Abacus since July 2021 and we are amazed by how much he improved in speed writing and how quickly he can do mental maths. The staff at SIP Abacus are excellent. My son has an amazing online tutor and enjoy the friends online. He always leaves with a smile and looks forward to the next lesson. We are very happy with the program!
Sunette Botha (Hamilton)