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How SIP Abacus Works

Our one-of-a-kind programme is proven to equip children with skills they need to advance.

How SIP Abacus works

Our one-of-a-kind programme is proven to equip children with skills they need to advance

How The Programme Works


Classes are based around building skills in a successive pattern to ensure they have foundational skills they need to be successful in every area of life: academics, fine arts, sports, music and more!


The SIP Abacus Programme is comprised of three elements that work together to build the proper foundations.



The programme develops both the left and right side of the brain, so that your child engages both the hemispheres of the brain to which helps the child improve the below skills:

SIP Abacus Brain Mapping

Proven To Get Results

Along with the 1000s of students who have graduated from the SIP Abacus
programme over the years, studies conducted across the world prove Abacus
students perform much better at a very high level.

SIP Abacus
In a second study, Abacus students outperformed average students. The study showed that the neural pathways in an abacus learner have been more effectively connected, resulting in exceptional mental ability.

Getting Started

Joining SIP Abacus and helping your child get better grades, outperform
their peers, or reach their full potential is easy.

Step 1

Just click on the button below to sign up for your free class. Let your child experience the fun activities and grow their academic foundation skillset.

Step 2

Commit to the training.

Children aged 5 join Junior Abacus Level 1 while 6 year olds join Junior Abacus Level 2.

7 to 8 year olds join either the Junior Abacus Level 2 or Foundation Level 1 based on their abilities while 8 to 12 year olds start at Foundation Level 1.

Each level takes between 3-6 months to complete.

Getting Started Plan of SIP Abacus
Getting Started Plan of SIP Abacus

The cost per Class is only $28.

Step 3

Follow the program.

For best results, your child will need to attend classes twice per week. And while we encourage breaks for things like holidays and family vacations, we don’t recommend taking a break longer than 2 weeks. 


We believe so much in our programme that
we’ve put together an amazing guarantee.

Here’s how it works

  • When your child begins, we conduct a pre test
  • After he reaches the end of Level 4, we conduct a retest
  • If your child doesn’t become 5 times better, we’ll give you a $2000 refund- no questions asked

Each class costs only $28, which is only a $112 fortnightly investment in your child’s future.