Manpreet Singh

My daughter Hargun has been studying since the last 18 months. Has improved significantly… They surely help to improve the concentration and maths ability of the child significantly. My daughter is enjoying it. Thanks for the hard work.

Vishal Sheth

Highly recommend Harpreet and team at SIP Abacus to anyone who is interested for their little ones to develop mathematical skills. Very helpful and supportive. My son has to take a break for 1 and half month, as we were traveling overseas. The team at SIP Abacus gave my son extra lessons at no extra cost, so he doesn’t miss out on his learnings.

Shalaka Bhogle

My son started 7 months back and it has being amazing the way he has progressed he is enjoying maths which is great and he is doing well in his school tests as well…..thanks to all the teachers of SIP Abacus and the team.

Heidi Leoy

Initially I had no idea about SIP Abacus and the benefits it could give my child in terms of her ability to solve Maths problems and other skills as well. She has been doing amazing. It’s been a year and a half and I am more than happy to have my daughter here. Every day has been different, her speed, her visual memory are only on the rise. Her self-confidence has shot up too in terms of subjects in school. I would definitely recommend this program to other parents because from my experience it has increased her self confidence.

Baljeet Kaur

Initially, my daughter wasn’t good at Maths. Now she is very confident and excelling in her Mathematics skills. I would recommend other parents to enrol their children at SIP Abacus too. The instructors teach in a professional and efficient way. It’s been more than six months now and I can see the improvement myself. Overall, I’m very happy.

Jaspreet Kaur

I am really very happy as I can see a lot of improvement in my son and appreciate it. I would recommend this program to other parents too. Children pursuing Abacus are bound to get good at Maths with time.

Rebecca Semi

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude for the role you are playing in our son’s life. So speechless and emotional at the same time as my son had just started school last
year and now whenever we give him big numbers to calculate he would just solve it within seconds.
So Amazing… thank you so much guys

Vandana Prasad

My son Virat has been attending Abacus classes for over 10 months now and I have noticed that he has excelled in his math at school. He enjoys the in class and online sessions. This also helped with his reading. I recommend this to all parents wanting to support collaborative learning environment for their kids.

Sylvester Pal

My daughter has been learning at SIP Abacus since the last 14 months and learning here has helped her a lot in her studies. Her behavior as well has also improved. She’s very focused and doing really well in school in Math as well as English. She is more focused now, be it reading story books or her behavior at home and listening to parents. She has also become more alert. It was a very good decision to get her enrolled here at SIP Abacus. We’re really thankful. The teachers are very patient with Shenelle as she was not ready to learn numbers, but now she is excelling at the same. She knows her times tables up to 10 by heart. We’re so proud of her. We thank you so much for training our daughter. I don’t feel any difference between the online classes or the face to face classes.

Moloko Maleka

When we came to New Zealand in 2016, we learned that the education system in New Zealand is a bit different from what we had in South Africa. I tried many educational programs but didn’t find them any good until I came across SIP Abacus via Facebook. Since her joining this program, we’ve seen a lot of difference in her in terms of how her
mind works. What I’ve learned about my daughter is that her mental functions have gotten quick, gone sharp and become versatile. She can think out of the box now unlike before. If you want your kids to be fast at Mathematics, want your kids to excel in their academics and other stuff, SIP Abacus is the way to go.