Tuli Leota

We never been to Flat Bush area but we have no doubt it’s exactly like Mt Roskill campus everything is clean and the teachers are awesome so is their teaching. My 2 children enjoy every math class they have at campus cause the teachers are more fun and always focus on the punctuality and the children’s speed and their accuracy and us parents love how improve how kids learning from this programme.

Dianne Revill

Faith’s doing amazing, still a bit concerned she might not reach level she should be at on time but other that that I am extremely satisfied in the progress she has made so far.

Paayal Garg

My daughter Amyra is attending the sessions since last year and can see a huge progress. Really appreciate the enthusiasm and passion of teachers who even call us if miss any sessions and give make up sessions whenever required for my child’s progress.

Joe A

My daughter has been attending SIP Abacus for 12 months now. Her tutors are a great encouragement and and the program is exceptional. Caitlin’s academic performance and learning ability has greatly improved too. She absolutely loves SIP abacus and her tutors. The administrations are friendly and very easy to deal with. Great educational experience for the students! 😊

Nastassja Salt

Before Abacus my son was very silent, shy, and had low self-esteem when it came to doing maths and other subjects. My son is autistic and he’s very particular in how he works and how he wants his work presented. I remember the trial class and I told Harpreet, my son is special needs he needs a lot of work and he replied back , he’ll be fine. That was relief to my ears. I was told don’t worry, let us see what we can do to help. On his first day during trial class my son was calculating numbers when called out on a abacus. He’s never touched an abacus in his life but that few minutes he spent in that class room, he was calculating. I was amazed ever since that day my son has been attending twice a week, and each week he’s progressing.

Kristy Luamanu

My daughter loves how much she’s learning. Is better at calculating than I am and faster too. My son can’t wait to start his lessons. Great teachers, excellent communication and gives my child such great confidence. Highly recommend. My daughter is smart across the board and her recall/memory retention is amazing since she’s been in abacus.

Mandeep Singh

My daughter joined SIP Abacus one and a half year ago. I have seen a lot of improvement especially on the academic front. Her mental sharpness has gone to the next level. My son has also joined this program a year ago. I have seen a lot of improvement in him be it Maths or other skills. Their concentration levels have shot up significantly and their confidence has been boosted a lot.

Manpreet Singh

My daughter Hargun has been studying since the last 18 months. Has improved significantly… They surely help to improve the concentration and maths ability of the child significantly. My daughter is enjoying it. Thanks for the hard work.

Vishal Sheth

Highly recommend Harpreet and team at SIP Abacus to anyone who is interested for their little ones to develop mathematical skills. Very helpful and supportive. My son has to take a break for 1 and half month, as we were traveling overseas. The team at SIP Abacus gave my son extra lessons at no extra cost, so he doesn’t miss out on his learnings.